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Alizés location véhicules Une offre de location complète, simple et sans contrainte.

New Caledonia

On board our rental cars, economical, SUV or 4x4, you will have the opportunity to visit “Notre Caillou” (our Rock).

In the heart of the South Pacific and a mere 2 hour flight from Australia, New Caledonia is, in a nutshell : luxuriant nature, sandy beaches, diverse landscapes around Grande Terre, mountain chain, cliffs, wide plains and beautiful bays, breath-taking fauna and flora and, most of all, the biggest lagoon in the world.


Nouméa, or Néa, cosmopolitan capital of the Pacific and its mixed culture heritage, will be easily visited on a scooter.

Its Musée de la Ville (Town Museum) and the Musée de la Seconde Guerre mondiale (Second World War Museum) in New Caledonia aim at preserving the municipal historical heritage and to transmit it to the next generations.

You will also be able to discover: La place des Cocotiers, Le marché de la Moselle, La cathédrale Saint-Joseph, Le Vieux temple, La maison Célières (an example of the richness of the colonial heritage of the city, which now hosts the House of Books), Le château Hagen (a beautiful mansion build in the Vallée des Colons between 1889 and 1892 and located in a lovely park).

Its magnificent Bays

La baie des Citrons: a versatile beach, particularly suited to sea swimming and in the evenings, the trendy party zone for the Nouméa youth.

La baie de l’Orphelinat : to be discovered in the morning light from the Mont Vénus or in the evening when the sun sets on the sailboats at anchor.

The Anse Vata: a long beach, a beautiful walk, a picnic spot. Do not miss the view of the windsurfs in the winds.

The parc du Ouen-Toro : a paradise for walkers, runners and paragliding fundi’s. Listed as a protected area, it boasts some dry forest as well as sandalwood.

The promenade Pierre-Vernier: this 4 km walk along the sea offers a nice and safe walk or a fitness trail.

The parc zoologique et Forestier : this park contains 600 animals and 126 plant species, 35 of which indigenous.

The centre culturel Tjibaou: installed on the Tina peninsula since 1998 and dedicated to the Kanak culture. Exhibitions, shows, concerts …

The île aux Canards : 3mn from Anse Vata in a taxi boat. A guaranteed change of scenery with the underwater path, but also botanical and artistic routes.

New Caledonia, called « island of the permanent spring », enjoys a warm and sunny climate all year around.

You will find there 2 seasons:

– A « warm » season (austral summer) from December to March, with average temperatures between 25 and 27ºC, with short tropical rains;

– A « cool » season (austral winter) from April to November, with average temperatures between 20 and 23ºC

Visiting the island in a two wheeler is a lovely experience all year!

We offer recent rental vehicles for you to go on an adventure across its people’s rich cultures.

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